2023 Artists

From Josiah Johnson: Ah man. It feels bad to give you all this news. I recently had a bad flare up of some long time mental health issues that I thought I had learned to live within. But I got knocked on my butt, and I’m choosing to get help and treatment for myself. It’s clear I need to give myself the space to feel and heal completely, and for a good amount of time. So I am making the very hard decision to cancel all of my musical appearances in the coming months. It’s important for me to acknowledge the work my team has put into the shows being cancelled, as well as the effort and planning that folks have made to come out to see me play this summer… I am disappointed not to be seeing you all out there, but I trust this is the right choice, and that everything else follows after we take care of ourselves. Thank you for your understanding. Lots of love and health to all of you.

America Love
Band of Coyotes
Bug Bath
Erin Anne
French Cassettes
John Vanderslice
Kaz Mirblouk
The Max Riley Group
STRQ x Labrats
The Coffis Brothers
The One Train
Starover Blue

A Tribe Quartet
Boca Do Rio
Dog Party
Fashionista Boyfriend
Jessica Malone
Megan Slankard
Sol Peligro
Ten Foot Tiger
The Gold Souls
The Snares
Wolf Jett
The Philharmonik
Ashleigh Flynn & the Riveters
Boot Juice
Earth Exit
Forever Goldrush
Jimmy Toor
Katie Knipp Big Band
Th’ Losin’ Streaks
The Nickel Slots
Threadbare, Brother