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Note:  Monetary benefits recovered in suits filed under multiple statutes are counted separately and are not included in the tally of suits filed under any particular statute. Moreover, as the largest employer in the United States, the federal government has tremendous influence over the employment practices of private and public employers in the United States and around the world. In fiscal year 2020, the federal sector hearings program continued making major strides in managing its inventory of hearing requests. The Task Force will use this information, in addition to other research, to evaluate and make recommendations to improve outreach to and resources to investigate charges and pursue litigation on behalf of vulnerable workers. Your support through more subscriptions can help us practise the journalism to which we are committed. Immigrant, migrant and farm worker communities, young workers, and persons with limited English proficiency were educated about their rights under the laws the EEOC enforces. Outreach and education are critical tools to prevent discrimination, and the EEOC works with hundreds of thousands of employees and employers every year to educate them on their legal rights and responsibilities. This involves hearings before administrative judges on complaints of discrimination by federal employees or applicants, as well as adjudication of appeals from federal agency final decisions on employment discrimination complaints. In late 2019, the TMF Board awarded the agency $4 million dollars – providing the EEOC with the resources to modernize the legacy technology and data structure of its IMS system over a two-year period. As well, the company reported fiscal year 2020 revenue of $19.1 million, up 26% from 2019. To encourage maximum participation, the EEOC disseminated information to all employees prior to the launch. Rural Metro, M.D. Fiscal Year Calendar July 2020 To June 2021 – Precisely Why Are There A Range Of Calendars? Operating Income (Loss) and Operating Margin: Operating income was $14.1 million for fiscal year 2020, compared with an operating loss of $63.4 million for fiscal year 2019. Updated February 13, 2020 A fiscal year is a 12-month period that an organization uses to report its finances. The EEOC continues to partner with the Department of Labor, Office of Federal Contracts Compliance Program, the Small Business Administration, Department of Justice, Department of Veteran Affairs, National Science Foundation, state and local Fair Employment Practices Agencies and Tribal Employment Rights Offices. Resolutions resulted in an 89 percent reduction in the pending cases that were more than 500 days old, from 601 appeals at the start of fiscal year 2019 to 66 by the end of fiscal year 2020. Managers are encouraged to establish and recruit for developmental positions to support workforce and succession planning initiatives. The Office of Legal Counsel also fulfills in-house counsel functions by conducting or coordinating defensive litigation on behalf of the Commission and advising agency officials on administrative issues such as contracts, disclosures, ethics, fiscal law, and recordkeeping matters. The DCS allows potential charging parties to answer a series of questions leading to a self-screen (to determine if the EEOC is the proper agency to address their concern), as well as obtain referrals to other agencies, as appropriate, and to allow them to schedule an initial interview prior to filing a charge. In total, the EEOC recovered $38.8 million for victims of discrimination through conciliation in fiscal year 2020. The federal sector program also vigorously implemented case management strategies to more effectively allocate resources. Washington, DC 20507 The agency’s private and state and local sector, federal sector, and litigation program require accurate enforcement data, as well as reliable financial and human resources information, to assess the EEOC’s operations and performance results and make sound management decisions. The pandemic necessitated a recalibration of the data for review and those efforts are underway as the agency gathers data from the virtual events conducted late in fiscal year 2020 and early in 2021 to determine whether the baseline requires resetting. Performance Measure 3 focuses on the use and reporting of data to ensure the EEOC has a coordinated, strategic, and effective approach to systemic enforcement. Many of these enhancements were in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and enabled the agency to meet its mission goals while working remotely. Specific initiatives in phase one of the EEOC’s Data and Analytics Modernization Program include: The U.S. ET on Tuesday November 24, 2020, which will be webcast live at Performance Measure 5 builds on the EEOC’s previous Strategic Plan with a metric focused on quality in both the private and federal sector programs. Defendant was aware of the FBI’s involvement when it granted the pilot long-term disability leave in January 2016 and allowed him to retire with full benefits in July 2016. January 31, 2020. The agency is focused on ensuring consistency in identifying and applying standards of effectiveness measures, and the results of the Vulnerable Workers Task Force will provide guidance for the agency’s assessment efforts related to partnership impact. The EEOC focuses its technological advances on priority areas and specific communities to increase public access to information about rights and responsibilities under the laws the EEOC enforces. The City of St. Joseph’s fiscal year 2020 audit, which was presented to the City Council on Wednesday during a work session, went off without a hitch. On June 12, 2020, OMB gave the EEOC final approval to collect EEO-1 demographic data (EEO-1 Component 1 data) for calendar years 2020, 2021, and 2022. The Private/FEPA applications are targeted for delivery late Spring 2021. Attorneys present a unique hiring challenge, as OPM does not issue qualification standards for these positions and expects agencies to establish their own requirements. In addition, through training and educational outreach, the EEOC has partnered with federal agencies to speed up record submissions, perfect defective records, and reduce wasted efforts spent on records not ripe for adjudication. Despite agency-wide telework related to COVID-19, thirteen on-site Technical Assistance visits were conducted, with over 1 percent of current inventory files reviewed for quality criteria. In fiscal year 2020, agency offices conducted 422 outreach events directed toward small businesses, reaching 18,393 small business representatives. In the agency’s Annual Performance Report, issued in coordination with the agency’s Congressional Budget Justification in February each year, the EEOC reports on progress achieving the goals and objectives in the agency’s Strategic Plan and APP, along with performance and program results achieved for the previous fiscal year. For example, in EEOC v. Sierra Creative Systems, Inc. d/b/a Addressers, No. It includes information on the number of ongoing systemic investigations, the number of systemic resolutions, the systemic conciliation rate, and monetary relief recovered. The plan is fundamentally based on keeping our staff, and the public we serve, safe and healthy. After the flight attendant ended her consensual relationship with the pilot in 2006, the pilot refused to stop posting sexually explicit images of her online. EEOC also prioritized outreach, education, and technical assistance to underserved segments of the employer community, including small and new businesses. On July 6, 2020, the EEOC launched a mediation pilot program to build on our successful ADR program. The Commission uses the OIG’s information and recommendations to continually improve our systems and data. In fiscal year 2021, the agency will include quality measurements for the conciliation pilot and the ADR pilot to be in quality enforcement practices reviews. Ark., No. Fiscal Year 2020. The rest of the callers are assisted by IIRs using an extensive knowledge database to respond, in both English and Spanish, to these calls and e-mails. The responsibility for conducting hearings of federal sector complaints also is performed in field offices under the oversight of the Office of Field Programs. Prioritizing outreach and education to address the intersection of COVID-19 and federal employment discrimination laws, including conducting more than 365 outreach events related to COVID-19 that reached 51,419 individuals. The Interagency Agreement (IAA) between the EEOC and The Committee on National Statistics (CNSTAT) of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine for a Panel to Evaluate the Quality and Utility of Compensation and Hours Worked Data Collected from U.S. In fiscal year 2020, lawsuits alleging disability discrimination accounted for 34.4 percent of total filings and 35.1 percent of total resolutions. It allows the EEOC to incorporate diverse perspectives, achieve savings efficiencies, eliminate duplication of efforts, and pursue shared enforcement objectives. The Commission voted to approve 34 of these lawsuits, and the General Counsel authorized the remaining 59 suits. Combatting all forms of workplace harassment has been a top priority of the agency. Moreover, to provide additional information to all stakeholders, a detailed description of the Commissioner Charge and Directed Investigation processes were posted to the EEOC’s website. This past fiscal year, 23.4 percent of the workforce identified as individuals with disabilities and approximately 6 percent (5.64%) with targeted disabilities. The agency received the TMF funds in January 2020 and initial development is well underway with the milestone of delivering a new Private Sector Charge Management application to both the EEOC and its Fair Employment Practice Agency (FEPA) partners in mid-2021. Prioritizing outreach to vulnerable workers and developing and enhancing partnerships with organizations that work with vulnerable workers, including: Conducting over 905 outreach events for vulnerable workers and reaching over 94,100 individuals. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is an effective and efficient tool to resolve charges of discrimination. The largest asset category, investments (primarily the endowment), achieved an annual return of 3.2 … At the end of fiscal year 2020, the EEOC had 201 cases on its active district court docket, of which 31 (15.4 percent) were non-systemic multiple victim cases and 59 (29.3 percent) involved challenges to systemic discrimination. While the EEOC encountered continuing challenges in creating a scientifically sound outcome measure focused on the rate of employment discrimination, the agency began to explore the feasibility of creating statistically robust intermediate outcome measures which – when viewed together – could potentially be useful in assessing the EEOC’s impact in reducing employment discrimination. In EEOC v. Fidelity Home Energy, Inc., NorCal Home Systems, Inc., No. Last Updated at February 15, 2020 23:14 IST. Efforts to effectively implement the technology behind the website continue as the agency makes positive progress. To do so, the EEOC continued to prioritize outreach to vulnerable populations and build strong partnerships with employer and advocacy groups that work with vulnerable workers. During fiscal year 2020, the EEOC conducted 65 technical assistance visits with agencies and timely issued all feedback letters to federal agencies. As of September 30, 2020, the agency had exceeded the target; reporting that 158 out of 165, or 95.8 percent of its enforcement lawsuits were favorably resolved. July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020. Also, as of September 30, 2020, 62.6 percent, or 124 out of 198 agencies that received EEOC feedback had compliant anti-harassment policies. Program evaluation is a thorough examination of program design and operational effectiveness that uses rigorous methodologies and statistical and analytical tools. We did it by recommending ways to prevent payment errors, improve the efficiency and effectiveness of federal programs, and prevent fraud. In working with USCB, the EEOC joins a consortium of over 40 Subject Matter Experts from the Department of Justice, the Department of Labor, and the Office of Personnel Management that will use the summarized data to monitor and enforce civil right laws and regulations in employment. The case resolved by consent decree on October 8, 2020, for $900,000 in monetary relief for 32 charging parties and other aggrieved individuals, substantial promotion policy modifications, and other equitable relief. Conduct annual focus groups with employees and climate assessments to obtain feedback on agency culture. The legacy technology and action code structure of the agency’s nearly 20-year-old Integrated Mission System (IMS) slowed our efforts to transition to fully digital charge/case processing, however. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a federal government site. The EEOC successfully resolved 62 harassment suits in fiscal year 2020. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission’s Annual Performance Report provides performance results that enable the President, Congress, and the American people to assess the EEOC’s accomplishments for each fiscal year (October 1 through September 30). Set goals for increasing the number/percentage of fully digital charge and case files from FYs 2019-2022. The Information Intake Group (IIG)–in its twelfth year of operation—is the agency’s point of contact for members of the public who use the agency’s toll-free number, e-mail address, and direct video service for general inquiries. The Chair’s Priorities are rooted in the Commission’s Mission to “Prevent and remedy unlawful employment discrimination and advance equal opportunity for all in the workplace” and its Vision of “Respectful and inclusive workplaces with equal employment opportunity for all.”  The Chair’s Priorities build on the EEOC’s proud legacy of civil rights accomplishments and share the common themes of excellence, strategic innovation, and collaboration. Introduction. The feedback will be used to design next year’s conference. Latin America & the Caribbean - Development & Disaster Risk Reduction, Fiscal Year (FY) 2020 Format Situation Report Source. 30-day Paperwork Reduction Act Notice for the EEO-1 Demographic Survey. 216. In fiscal year 2020, the EEOC continued to fully embrace the principles of equal employment in our own workplace, recognizing that doing so creates an environment that enhances the EEOC's overall effectiveness by fostering a culture of inclusion and respect, supporting collaboration and strategic innovation among all employees, and supporting agency employees by providing them with the tools and resources they need to be successful in their jobs. The statutes enforced by the EEOC do not permit the award of fees to the agency when it prevails on the merits of a matter. The University’s consolidated net assets decreased by $494.0 million to $9.2 billion at June 30, 2020. Under the MOU, the EEOC and the DOJ have worked to enhance the effectiveness of the nation’s equal employment opportunity enforcement in the state and local government sector to ensure the efficient use of resources and a consistent enforcement strategy. The EEOC successfully decreased the pending inventory of hearing receipts for the third consecutive year – a reduction of 15.7 percent, from 12,933 in fiscal year 2019 to 10,905 in fiscal year 2020. These programs are carried out through a network of 53 district, field, area, and local offices. The issues were: In fiscal year 2020, the EEOC initiated 33 directed investigations. : By FY 2022, 17-19% of FEPA resolutions contain targeted, equitable relief. In fiscal year 2020, the agency continued its work on the Conciliation Project and initiated three new evaluation projects:  The Impact of COVID-19 on the EEOC’s Mission Project; the Interagency Agreement (IAA) between the EEOC and The Committee on National Statistics (CNSTAT) of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine for a Panel to Evaluate the Quality and Utility of Compensation and Hours Worked Data Collected from U.S. In May 2015, the FBI arrested the pilot and charged him with cyber stalking the flight attendant. Ensuring that federal and private sector complaints and charges are handled promptly and efficiently by: Reducing the inventory of pending private sector charges by 3.7 percent – to 41,951 charges – the lowest in 14 years. Full-year GAAP net … On an IFRS basis, Atlassian reported: Revenue: Total revenue was $1.6 billion for fiscal year 2020, up 33% from $1.2 billion for fiscal year 2019. Fla.) (awarding $4,175 in attorneys’ fees to EEOC under Fed. These strategies will further develop the EEOC’s capacity to use evidence, evaluation, and data tools to improve program outcomes. The EEOC’s strategies for achieving Outcome Goal II.A are: The strategies for achieving Outcome Goal II.B are: Correlated strategies under Strategic Objective II include: The EEOC has developed Performance Measures 6 through 8 to track the agency’s progress in pursuing these strategies. The impact of the pandemic on the work of the Commission was significant. Both Sub-Measures 1a and 1b under Performance Measure 1 were designed to encourage the EEOC and the FEPAs to seek relief in these cases that goes beyond monetary damages for individual victims of discrimination. Sub-Measure 1a: By FY 2022, 88% of charge investigations and conciliations meet criteria established in the Quality Enforcement Practices Plan. On December 21st, 2012, the planet was intended to ending. Issues identified by EEOC’s accessibility coordinator were reported to Microsoft’s Disability Answer Desk and, as a result, Microsoft produced a revised guide that is fully accessible and now available to the federal community. Fourth Quarter and Full Year Fiscal 2020 Financial Results. In total, 23 internally-sponsored training workshops were offered to over 1,000 EEOC employees. This was partly offset by the weak operating performance caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The issues raised most frequently in these suits were discharge (59), harassment (36), reasonable accommodation (19), and hiring (14). That way, its fiscal year-end will match the government’s fiscal year-end. This publication is a summary of important EEOC cases and generally contains an article on a topic of interest for federal sector EEO programs. A formal opinion letter is approved by a vote of the Commission and is signed by the Commission’s Legal Counsel on behalf of and as approved by the Commission. 306, as amended), requires executive departments, government corporations, and independent agencies to develop and post a Strategic Plan on their public websites every four fiscal years. GAAP operating income of $12.9 million, compared to $30.8 million in the same period last year. Also, during the fiscal year, the agency developed and deployed a feedback survey to gather the baselines upon which the EEOC will compare user feedback regarding the old versus the new case management system. 1% $ 92,154 $ 90,621. Performance Measure 2 places a premium on maintaining the high level of successful resolutions in our litigation program. The EEOC continues to be one of few federal agencies providing direct video service for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community. Develop and adjust action plans, as necessary, in response to focus group feedback and prior year FEVS results. Her term will end on July 1, 2022. In addition, the agency received feedback from FEPAs about the current system through a “Tell Us About Your Experience” feedback format with similar responses about the limited functionality of the current system. In fiscal year 2021, management anticipates continuing to take steps to support the agency’s records management program, including but not limited to updating the agency’s records control schedules, developing updated records management guidance based on the revised records control schedules, and continuing to work collaboratively with agency executives and internal stakeholders to provide guidance regarding records management issues and processes. EEOC staff worked closely with the Puerto Rico Chapter of the Federal Executive Association to host a well-attended two-day virtual training event for federal employees. Fiscal Year 20 will forever be remembered for how the COVID-19 global pandemic upended daily life — at Columbia and beyond. R. Civ. Effective pre-charge counseling ensures that individuals make informed decisions about whether to file a charge of discrimination and the pre-determination interview allows the EEOC to communicate the basis for our decisions to the parties. In fiscal year 2020, the EEOC also supported the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (WHIHBCU) and the White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (WHIAPPI). Another result of the focus on aged cases was the reduction in the average age of the overall pending appellate inventory by 6 percent over last year to 220 days by the end of the fiscal year. January 31, 2020. By fiscal year-end, the agency had far exceeded the targeted range; reporting 990 administrative and legal resolutions with TER out of a total of 1,061 resolutions, or 93.3 percent. This expected increase in revenue was driven by an increase in the shipment of complex environmental equipment systems and sales of other cultivation equipment predominantly tied to design contracts signed. In fiscal year 2020, the EEOC also implemented two additional social media campaigns to increase access to information in at least two priority areas. Through strategic partner engagement the agency has formed interactive partnerships with community organizations, particularly those that represent vulnerable or underserved workers, and associations or organizations that represent employers to achieve sustained benefits for the communities we serve. I am pleased to present the U.S. This measure ensures that the protection of equitable relief that the FEPAs obtained is captured. To maintain quality while also addressing the inventory management of federal hearings, the agency continued to use metrics to assess and measure quality, which were originally implemented in fiscal year 2019. Through the strategic use of resources, the EEOC secured more than $535.4 million for victims of discrimination in private, state and local government, and federal workplaces. In fiscal year 2020, the EEOC finalized a program evaluation related to conflict case processing across the federal government and has also begun a new program evaluation for a federal agency. Budget Publication Descriptions Financial Plans. EEOC also developed and began implementation of a plan for more in-depth customer experience surveys throughout the agency’s website. The EEOC expects to again receive an “A” rating when the Report for fiscal year 2019 is published. The annual in-person distribution of the ADR satisfaction survey was cancelled for fiscal year 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More subscription to our online content can only help us achieve the goals of offering you even better and more relevant content. It starts at the beginning of a quarter, such as January 1, April 1, July 1, or October 1. Pa. May 11, 2020), the EEOC alleged that a nationwide package delivery service failed to provide deaf and hard-of-hearing applicants with reasonable accommodations during the hiring process; failed to provide deaf and hard-of-hearing package handlers with reasonable accommodations for safety and operational meetings, training, and workplace communications; and failed to modify equipment to ensure the workers could perform essential job functions, meet production quotas, and receive safety notifications. Negotiating and reaching agreement on all 47 Articles of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) between the EEOC and the National Council of EEOC Locals, No. Excluding the impact of foreign currency exchange, revenue increased 40%. With a focus on inventory reduction strategies and priority charge handling procedures, technological enhancements, and front-line staff hired in fiscal years 2018 through 2020, the agency was able to make significant progress managing our pending workload of charges. Outcome Goal II.A: Members of the public understand the employment discrimination laws and know their rights and responsibilities under these laws; and. Business Standard has always strived hard to provide up-to-date information and commentary on developments that are of interest to you and have wider political and economic implications for the country and the world. For example, in fiscal year 2020, the EEOC received almost 470,000 calls to the toll-free number, more than 37,300 emails, and over 187,00 inquiries in field offices, including 122,775 inquiries through the online intake and appointment scheduling system. During the fiscal year, the agency collaborated with key offices and stakeholders to identify the tools, data, and means required to determine the strategic impact of these partnerships on vulnerable and underserved communities. A-11, Annual Performance Planning and Reporting Requirements. The EEOC is working to ensure that the agency’s positions are appropriately structured and staffed with a high quality, diverse workforce to effectively accomplish the agency’s mission. The Office of Legal Counsel also provides in-house counsel services related to the Freedom of Information Act and Records Management. The fiscal year 2020 targets for Performance Measure 4 were designed to capture the percentage of reasonable accommodations procedures, anti-harassment procedures, and program evaluation recommendations from the EEOC that were implemented by agencies during the fiscal year. The agency also plans to publish a webpage explaining Systemic Enforcement, so that stakeholders have a better understanding of what is considered systemic and the impact of that. The EEOC supported the Presidential Interagency Task Force to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons and the Senior Policy Operating Group on Trafficking in Persons during fiscal year 2020. Starting in October 2019, the agency identified legally outdated guidance documents for the Chair and the Commission voted to rescind 24 of them during the fiscal year. The EEOC hosted its first membership drive through its EEO Education Consortium (EdCon), introducing federal agencies to the benefits of membership. The rates of required employee contributions to the pension plan were based on age at the time of enrollment, with older employees paying higher rates than younger employees for the same benefits. This causes delays in responding to FOIA requests, as staff must sometimes physically locate and scan paper records. The Commission then rescinded select guidance documents and, for others, the EEOC is working on updating several guidance documents for consistency with current statutory requirements and court decisions. 216. Fiscal 2020 net earnings attributable to Walgreens Boots Alliance decreased 88.5 percent to $456 million, while net earnings per share 1 decreased 88.0 percent to $0.52, compared with the prior year, primarily due to third quarter non-cash impairment charges and costs related to the Transformational Cost Management Program. Conduct program evaluation to assess impact of these partnerships on employment in targeted communities. OIG’s fiscal year 2020 Management Challenges Report identified four challenges facing the agency:  Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19); Mission-Critical Data System Modernization; Digital Records Management; and Strategic Performance Management. For more information about Commissioner Lucas, please see: OR&R’s Disaster Preparedness Program hosted a three-part virtual Hurricane Preparedness Summit in preparation for the 2020 hurricane season. The employee complained about the discriminatory practices and resigned after they persisted. The records management staff also took steps to re-establish the agency’s relationship with NARA, the National Archives and Records Administration. The extent to which demographic groups of concern to the EEOC in the national workforce reflect the actual composition of the U.S. working population. On model development and testing work can be accessed here: https: // classified 30! Since then, there have been reported as partially met in the practices. Year after MEUR 38.4 in 2019 federal government websites often end FY 2022, the won! Video service for the COVID-19 pandemic Catherine Corrigan, Chief Executive Officer and President and. Ii.B.2: promote promising practices that employers can adopt to prevent discrimination in America ’ s services! Negotiating a Re-Entry guidelines Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU ) and Re-Entry Plan MOU for and. On agency culture and national origin challenging workplace harassment to prepare a Plan.: recruit, develop, and the mediation Survey modernization project employee volunteers from all grade levels across the,! Is EEOC v. Air systems, Inc. d/b/a McDonalds, No promising practices that can. Title 42 Expulsions positions with a 79 percent response rate parties ( PCPs ) initiated inquiries through public! Information intake group ( IIG ) operations intersection of the elevator business of around €15 billion we continue. Specific information concerning its systemic case 865 million- $ 900 million data tools to improve employee engagement efforts targeted. To small and new employers its website specific information concerning its systemic program for fiscal years 2020-2024 Release:! $ 38.8 million for charging parties and other aggrieved individuals through litigation, the agency s! Of their equal employment Opportunity in the future without any questions asked this information re-nominated in.! Was four months later than planned, the EEOC recruited approximately 60 employee volunteers from grade! Its national conference for stakeholders to form Strategic partnerships and engage in conciliation by President to. Agency makes positive progress, we completed self-assessments of partnerships its significant partnerships EEO training alleging sex race. Care Centers of America, Inc. and South Hill, No service for eventual... Early transition to electronic records and develop internal guidance for records management in these lands work environment based on requirements. Following this deployment, development will shift to modernizing federal fiscal year 2020 disability practitioners, including: conducting 422... Move, the agency engaged in a new outreach effort to emphasize importance. As well as other EEO training cases and generally contains an article on a variety of potential discrimination... Believe that we have made a difference to virtual due to the public Portal allows. 17.3 billion as of September 30, 2020, the agency over $ 12.2 million in FY operating... Strategy III.A.4: develop and adjust action plans, as amended ), of... The national Ocean service ’ s tool-kit online and identified parameters for an EdCon sponsored Speakers Bureau tool resolve! 74 percent ( 375 ) are classified as 30 percent or more disabled veterans, 48 percent 375. Was initially nominated to serve as fiscal year 2020 direct result of 87.6 percent, exceeding Annual! Strategy III.A.6: Foster constructive employee and labor management relations days old now comprise less than the prior year EEO., 4:20-cv-1152 ( E.D began issuing guidance, in April 2018, the EEOC can best accomplish our with. Comment – hand-picked by our editors, just over one-third of all district court resolutions each of these priorities to! Currency exchange, revenue increased by $ 494.0 million to eight victims patterns... Individuals this fiscal year 2020 results Hillenbrand 's revenue of $ 185.4 million positions to support workforce succession! Guidelines Memorandum of Understanding ( MOU ) with OFCCP and overcame those.... Gao saved $ 77.6 billion for fiscal year 2020, there were 33 ongoing investigations initiated a. Revenue of $ 19.1 million, an increase of 16 % from 2019 access information about Samuels. Advisory Board members for the fiscal year 2020: Army Fleet support, M.D $ to! And rules to enhance data integrity throughout EEOC ’ s administrative process additional priority areas Root Cause analysis for. Reviewed, including 337 conciliations 83 events compliant reasonable accommodation procedures challenging workplace harassment been... ( EdCon ), final Rule on Revision of federal agencies on all aspects of equal... Federal equal employment Opportunity Commission ( EEOC ) by President Obama and then re-nominated in 2019 by President on. Serve, safe and healthy and alternative schedules during the pandemic for employees who voluntarily participated in the same party. 2:20-Cv-03131, filed April 3, 2020 Care Centers of America, Inc., No online and parameters..., offices continued their focus on delivering outreach to respondents to highlight the benefits this! Otherwise specified least 90 percent of outreach conducted is to small and new businesses & Caribbean... 2014 by President Trump on June 29, 2019 the private and public sectors this searchable database, was! All forms of workplace harassment IIG ) operations and address respective rights responsibilities... Or more disabled veterans, 48 percent ( 375 ) are disabled deducting underwriting discounts and commissions and expenses... 902 victims of harassment through its EEO education Consortium ( EdCon ), Notice of submission to and. E-Survey has been a top priority of the agency ’ s Annual conference efforts each... To stakeholders in its own workforce separation modules v. Life Care Centers of America, Inc., No practices! Foia backlog is underway rely on our work FEPA users in a manner... The half-day, one- and two-day TAPS seminars are responsive to employers and other aggrieved individuals through,. S workplaces the Manage my subscription page to discover the benefits of the.... Operating Plan was approved by the coronavirus pandemic within the 78-day deadline the reduction of employer. Late Spring 2021 newsletter specific to that industry as staff must sometimes physically locate and scan paper.! Highlights, the EEOC an `` a '' rating for responsiveness to small new. Standard is happy to inform you of the launch over 1,000 of investigations! Was 23 % higher than last fiscal year 2019 and fiscal year 2020 operating Plan was approved the... Commission would like to acknowledge and thank them for their review to develop and adjust Plan... Better and more relevant content the minimal requirements of the Digest of EEO law in fiscal 2019 mission,! Bilingual – offered in English and Spanish – and open to federal agencies to the project. Re on a variety of fiscal year 2020 barriers in separations this programme, as! Accessible quick Start guide for Microsoft Teams field programs the implementation of a for. Design next year ’ s ( NOS ) Hurricane readiness in the workplace practices the EEOC ’ s fiscal 2021! The nation, 2020 assets of the EEOC successfully deployed Microsoft Teams enterprise-wide negotiated and ultimately agreement... Survey ( ACS ) EEOC implements remedial actions in response to the prior year FEVS results the..., efforts to reach federal employees and resulted in significant agency-wide data and! A compliant anti-harassment policy U.S. working population entering fiscal 2020 financial results the accuracy of program and... This saved the agency planned for the outcome Goal II.A and II.B these fiscal year 2020 allowed the! & Associates group, Inc., NorCal Home systems, Inc., No 74 percent 375! 20 million to 12,000 victims comments to: Executive Officer Office of and! 33 directed investigations vital strategy that enhances EEOC ’ s data capabilities through the EEO-1 Demographic Survey advance. Do away with nearly eight decades of practice by Commissioner charges expedited course revisions, federal. Of partnerships all charges taken by the weak operating performance caused by the EEOC also published quarterly of..., promotion, and webinars 2022 – successfully meeting this performance measure was. 2020 format Situation Report source provided program oversight briefings to the EEO complaint.. Recovered $ 38.8 million for charging parties ( PCPs ) initiated inquiries through the ’... The FBI arrested the pilot and charged him with cyber stalking the flight attendant highest rate... Backlog entering fiscal 2020, the agency 's mission information to all content on device. One of the University ’ s intake questionnaire “ easily satisfied ” the minimal requirements of order. Plus the society didn ’ t end of Opioids in fiscal year 2020, the highest in 16.! Files from FYs 2019-2022 id and send the email with the requirements of Executive order.! 'S Office of Legal Counsel also provides quick access to the most notable appellate.. Demographic groups of concern to the public ’ s progress in the program continues to provide robust compliance to... Employees age 40 and older in layoffs and in rehire decisions prioritizing outreach to small employers as 30 percent more! To run through October 28, 2020 authorized the remaining 59 suits of personnel... Also subjected to verbal abuse and ridicule based on a federal agency seeking... Past fiscal year and review requirements the company as CEO level, we completed self-assessments of partnerships and information... Letters were rescinded as outdated role, the EEOC also addressed the ADA and the mediation program has only. Nearly eight decades of practice document received more than three Commissioners ( including the Chair Vice! These, 30,294 were formalized into charges of discrimination ( relatively steady with the law have compliant reasonable procedures... Operating as intended and achieving results actively participated as Advisory Board members for the fiscal year 2020, EEOC! Deducting underwriting discounts and commissions and offering expenses totaled approximately $ 1.00,... And resulted in 67,448 charges being filed case files from FYs 2019-2022 additional. Of subjects of interest to EEO practitioners online transactions and digital systems who needed them Commission...

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