Happy Holidays

Lots of great local artists (several DMF alumni) are performing get-in-the-spirit-jams this Thursday (12/04) at The Lodge ~ 415 2nd Street. See poster below for details.

Free event, but donations highly encouraged to help the Odd Fellows send underprivileged kids to Summer camp. Just the type of thing we should all Cheer Up!

Speaking of Summer Cheers… did you save June 20th for DMF5 in your calendar yet?

Ho Ho Ho, you’d better!


Poster Thurs Live 1204



Fresh Face

Check out the new digs with appropriate dates and links and relevant info pertaining to the big bash in just over three weeks.

Thanks to all of our sponsors, but particularly Abaton Consulting for the makeover.  It’s not too late to sponsor FotG and we’re getting very generous with space for people that are interested in staffing a booth or simply lounging under your own 10’x10′ comfort zone.

This is an exciting time to be in Davisville. Looking forward to celebrating with you all.