Lineup Announcement: Stage 12 of 12

Rise and shine for the last stage reveal, kids. With hopes that you’re checking FB before class, you can pass the word along that this year we’ve add an all ages DJ/EDM stage at Third Space.

Our generous sponsors, Pyramind Studios, are real pros when it comes to this genre and they’ll be bringing both sound and talent with them to town on June 20th. We’ve mixed in some local young and seasoned vets to deliver what should be an amazing dance party.

Is it Summer yet?!

DMF5 lineup announcement posters THIRD SPACE

Lineup Announcement: Stage 11 of 12

Most of you music nerds know that Tuesdays are when new albums are released. It’s in that spirit that we’re ecstatic about the release of today’s lineup!

Coinciding with the 5th Annual DMF is the 10th Anniversary of Crossbill Records, who have put out some of our favorite material ever (never mind just the last decade). In celebration of their milestone, we’re dedicating a stage to them and featuring the following six acts at The Lodge.

We only wish it could be their entire roster. Still… how lucky are we?

DMF5 lineup announcement posters ODD FELLOWS rev

Lineup Announcement: Stage 9 of 12

One of the best parts of our mini SXSW-style event is putting bands in rooms that don’t normally host live music. Vini Wine Bar has been a wonderful spot for intimate shows in the past two years and we’re very excited to be including their space again. Should be a real treat for those who get a chance to experience these performances. Jazz, horns, steel guitar, stand up bass (2) and excellent musicianship ahead!

DMF5 lineup announcement posters VINI