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Gettin’ ready or what?

We are definitely excited and have been hard at work for a couple of months, despite the lack of content here. Our fault, not Abaton Consulting’s! Anyway, you’ll be very pleased on June 21st with a trick or two up our sleeves in the works.

For a fix next Saturday (2/28), be sure to check out Mother Falcon & Tom Brosseau at Vet’s Memorial Theater. This quarterly show brought to you by the Davis Live Music Collective and underwritten by MOMS.


Objectively speaking…

1. Those bands.. every one of them.. were amaaaazing yesterday!

2. They probably sound good most of the time, but Electron Pro Audio really are fantastic engineers and the sound could not have been better.

3. They probably look good, too, just walking around in pajamas or something. But they really shined last night on stage with Canaan’s Lights.

4. Our sponsors are wonderful. A Grand Affair, Blake’s Heating and Air, Morse Remodeling, Tandem Properties, 2407Graphics, Helmus Optometry, Davis Media Access and KDRT, Armadillo Music, Davis Food Co-op and Abaton Consulting.. thank you thank you thank you.

5. Berryessa Brewing and Sudwerk beers really taste particularly good in the park on a sunny day.

6. It’s tough to compete with free.

7. Timing is everything.

See ya in June.. we’ll announce dates for DMF4 as soon as we know ‘em.

In the meantime, go to lots of shows!

FotG Artist Spotlight ~ Midi Matilda


The indie electro-pop duo Midi Matilda has barely begun their career yet has already made a permanent impression on the music community. The Bay Area outfit exploded onto the online scene with dozens of enthusiastic mentions about their debut single, “Day Dream,” including The Huffington Post and Neon Gold Records, which propelled them to an impressive near-top placement on The Hype Machine. In addition, the accompanying self-produced music video for that single, has garnered extensive positive attention across varied media formats that includes radio, as well as online.

Midi Matilda was born of gifted musical poets Skyler Kilborn and Logan Grimé, who serendipitously met in college in 2008, while learning the production skills they would ultimately use to form this innovative and self-contained project. They have been making music together since, and ever evolving in their collaborative sound. Their refreshing style brings together the best of live instrumentation, synthesizers, gorgeous vocals, and the open spaces of consciousness, to take all who listen on a journey into the ether.

Wrappin up Festival on the Green specifically to serenade Karen Mattis for all of her hard work. Great job!

Dos and Don’ts and Shoulds and Stuff

Everyone is welcome. Admission is $20 for kids 12 and over. Ages 3-11 are $10; under 3 (and over 83) are free.

Do ~ Bring EMPTY reusable water bottles. And we mean empty.

Do ~ Ride your bike!

Do ~ Bring a blanket. Chairs are okay, too. Be prepared for dancing and crowding near the stage when you decide to plop yourself down, though.

Do ~ Help our Zero Waste efforts by putting trash in the right bins.

Do ~ Be courteous to others and applaud with enthusiasm.

Do ~ Bring ear-plugs or over the ear protection for the rascals, especially.

Don’t ~ Bring any drinks, please. No outside alcohol is allowed. There will be drinks available for sale. Water generously donated by Davis Food Co-op!

Should ~ Unless dietary restrictions exist, please do not bring in outside food. Instead, support our sponsors: Open Rice Kitchen, El Mariachi, Woodstocks Pizza and Jamba Juice.

Should ~ Bring a friend or two or three or four or xoxox

FotG Artist Spotlight ~ Radiation City


Bio below.. goes well with suggested listening material that’s freely streaming their latest lp, Animals in the Median on their wonderful website: radiationcity.net.

Founded in 2009 amid the glow of one budding love affair, Radiation City quickly blossomed into a family, finding itself with a second couple and another multi instrumentalist besides. If the quintet’s early live shows and debut LP The Hands That Take You quickly earned them a reputation as one of Portland, Oregon’s most promising young acts, the subsequent national tours and 2011′s EP Cool Nightmare made good on that promise. The band’s expanding soundscape of new romanticism has drawn accolades from NPR, Time, and KEXP to name a few.

As I type this, I’m giddy with anticipation. We’ve only got like a little over 50 hours left!

FotG Artist Spotlight ~ Extra Classic

extra classic

Extra Classic is a band based out of San Francisco, CA. Recording in their analog studio in San Francisco, lead songwriters, Alex and Adrianne deLanda, formed Extra Classic based on their mutual love of classic Jamaican dub and psychedelic rock and roll. After self-releasing their own 45rpm vinyl singles, the Roots/Psychedelic inspired debut Extra Classic full-length album, “Your Light Like White Lightning, Your Light Like A Laser Beam,” was released by Burger Records in 2012 on cassette (currently sold out). Manimal Vinyl (Los Angeles, CA) released the album on gatefold vinyl LP format.

They’ve wowed crowds at Sophia’s on multiple occasions; one of which was when they were extremely well-received in June at Davis Music Fest… can’t wait for their return!



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