Online Merch Store ~ Now Open

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Just in time for your last minute gift ideas:

The Official DMF Online Merch Store is now live!

Quick note… 2012 & 2011 T-shirts exist, but we need to double check inventory. If you want one of those, please contact us

Holiday Delivery Offer (DAVIS RESIDENTS ONLY)..

Orders placed by 11am on December 24th will be delivered by 9pm that night.

Check out the Holiday Gift Basket ($35) which includes:

1 5th Anniversary Davis Music Fest Ticket (June 19-21)
1 Tote Bag
2 Slap Koozies
2 Bottle Opener / Key Chains

What a steal.


ps. special thanks to alicia murphy for lending us a song (you should buy it) for the bandcamp set up to exist!

Happy Holidays

Lots of great local artists (several DMF alumni) are performing get-in-the-spirit-jams this Thursday (12/04) at The Lodge ~ 415 2nd Street. See poster below for details.

Free event, but donations highly encouraged to help the Odd Fellows send underprivileged kids to Summer camp. Just the type of thing we should all Cheer Up!

Speaking of Summer Cheers… did you save June 20th for DMF5 in your calendar yet?

Ho Ho Ho, you’d better!


Poster Thurs Live 1204



Totes Need One

We have t-shirts left and slap-koozies and bottle openers, too.

Working on that inventory and maybe a way to online store ‘em eventually.

In the meantime, send an email to and we’ll get some stuff to ya.

$10 for this number and you can hit up Armadillo Music record swaps in style.

You do know that plastic bags go bye-bye on Tuesday, right?




Wow – what an amazing experience! I’ve received numerous accolades from musicians and attendees and am humbled by the appreciation. Of course, DIY isn’t a solo effort with this much going on in one weekend, so I’d like to make sure the following people are recognized as critical partners in fun plannin’.

Sara Eley, Kyle Monhollen, Leah Farkas, Karen Mattis, Ilana Blumberg Thomas, Chris Reilly, David Horning, Scott Prawalsky, Kellie Schultz, Evan Clayburg and the many, many volunteers that helped from promotion to set-up to delivery to tear down.

I’d also like to thank the 850+ paying fans and 200+ musicians who performed spectacularly.

There is no doubt that this year’s Davis Music Fest was successful. Hugely so. For three days, fans young and old applauded songs performed by talented people in a variety of genres and styles. I saw nothing but high fives and ear-to-ear grins on wristband holders.

Of course, if smiles were the measure of a festival’s financial success, we’d be writing a check to single-handedly fund the Davis schools’ arts programs tomorrow. But unfortunately, that’s not the case. Production costs of this type of festival (or any arts event, for that matter) are staggeringly high, and we anticipated at least 1,000 guests, based on last year’s attendance. Therefore, this year’s festival incurred some significant personal expenses, operating at a deficit instead of our hoped (and projected) profit that would have been such a blessing to our schools.

Fortunately, enthusiasm for this festival in our community is at an all-time high. “Best Fest yet!” is something I’ve heard several times. So, this news of our struggles should in no way diminish the contributions of all our volunteers and supporters or the great time that was enjoyed by all. It was a total blast!

But as we ponder the feasibility of producing another event, we will need to consider some significant changes. We’ll keep you close as we develop a plan for moving forward, but we will need all hands on deck. Please let us know your feedback, positive and negative, and thoughts for future improvements:

Each and every one of you deserves our sincere thanks for making DMF the most rockin’ time of the year. Thanks in advance for your continued patience and support. In the meantime, go to more shows!


P.S. We are accepting donations to help bridge the gap (see button upper right).

Music Only Makes Sense is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Tax ID: 27-4283763

“Are you going to DMF?”

We need your help. Those 5 little words in the subject line (welll… 4 + an acronym) are really, really important for you to ask around today. Not post or tweet or share or any of the other social media traffic that inundates us constantly.

Please vocalize them! Today is your last chance to help make this thing a success. Can you ask at least FIVE of your friends and a few strangers? I bet you can.

If you want to text “Are you going to DMF?” that’s cool, but then please include this link to our fancy app:

Things kick off at Opening Night on Olive Drive TONIGHT! It’ll be your last chance to get discounted tickets and I’ll bet $20 cash talks big since we’ll be in a great mood… and a little delirious.

Love you guys. Thanks so much for your support.