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Band Spotlight: Miss Lonely Hearts

May 14, 2018

Miss Lonely Hearts is a five-piece (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, lap steel/ fiddle, drums, upright bass) Outlaw Country band from Santa Cruz. Their sets are wildly popular and known for provoking much dancing and foot-stopping—and they're returning to Davis Music Festival this June! Tix &...

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Band Spotlight: Bigger Stickier Mess

May 11, 2018

Y'all know about local funk legends Big Sticky Mess. But have you heard of BIGGER STICKIER MESS?? It's exactly what it sounds like: Big Sticky Mess with more musicians, more instruments, and more funk--making for a BIGGER STICKIER MESS. You can catch a preview of their legendary sounds tonight a...

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Band Spotlight: Strange Hotels

May 10, 2018

Strange Hotels is a west coast band known for "hook-y R&B pop with retro dance rock 'n' roll grooves"--so be prepared for a rad dance party during their set at the Eighth Annual Davis Music Fest!...

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