How many festivals does it take to screw in a good time?

Apparently, a lot! Thank you, Davis Downtown Business Association for the street closure and bands last Saturday. It sustained those of us who didn’t make it to Hardly Strictly Bluegrass or Hoe’s Down.

This weekend there are two music festivals in Davis. The International Music Festival is free and at Vet’s Memorial on 14th St for all ages. Hours don’t overlap with Festival on the Green entirely, so we’re offering $10 off coupons at their event. That way, you can enjoy both, if so inclined. We’re cool like that.

Speaking of cool.. Cool Davis will be in Central Park prior to our event. They’ve generously given us a booth for ticket sales, so you can get yours at the $18 presale price up until 1pm. That price is good for the rest of the week at Armadillo Music, incidentally (and includes fees)!

Saturday will be a lot of fun ~ see you at the festivus for the rest of us!


FotG Artist(s) Spotlight ~ Kingfisher / Sea Train

Every May or so the Davis Chamber of Commerce puts on Celebrate Davis where several youth bands throughout the city are encouraged to perform. This year’s representation at Festival on the Green is no charity case. These kids have chops. They’ll be splitting the hour long set because a few dudes exist in both bands and the split will allow for more originals.

Don’t you want to be one of those people who can say.. “Oh yeah, they’re from Davis. I saw them way back in 2013″?

Of course, you do. This is your chance… SIX DAYS. Pass it on!



FotG Artist Spotlight ~ Be Calm Honcho

BCH band pic

Be Calm Honcho is a quartet of hams, living in San Francisco with a ‘tically musical set of strange strengths. Born on the eve of 2013, Shannon, Alex, Mikey & Jacob have been tenderly prying open the soft spots of rock ‘n roll and inserting “a dreamy and toothsome rawness”.

They’ve pooled their geographic wizardry from the idle bayous of Lafayette, LA [jacob], citrus groves and strip malls of the San Fernando Valley [alex] and the lush Bay Area motherboard [shannon & mikey], and recorded an exciting debut LP with a release expected winter this year.


[Note: Also killed it at City Tavern in June]

FotG Artist Spotlight ~ The West Nile Ramblers

WestNileRamblersTheir latest album release title sums it up perfectly… Western Garage & Country Noir, a crunchy combination of western swing, gypsy folk, rock & roll, and jazz that inspires people to cut loose and have a good time.

Alex Roth and Andy Lentz bring their decade-long history of musical collaboration to bear in fronting the band and captivating the crowd. Their infectious energy brought them to the stage opening for Paul Brady as winners of the 2012 Ballyshannon Folk Festival band contest in Ireland and has kept them returning to Davis Music Fest the last three years as one of the most popular acts of the festival.

If you haven’t experienced their set yet, you’re missin’ out. Essential good times from our local heroes!

Fresh Face

Check out the new digs with appropriate dates and links and relevant info pertaining to the big bash in just over three weeks.

Thanks to all of our sponsors, but particularly Abaton Consulting for the makeover.  It’s not too late to sponsor FotG and we’re getting very generous with space for people that are interested in staffing a booth or simply lounging under your own 10′x10′ comfort zone.

This is an exciting time to be in Davisville. Looking forward to celebrating with you all.




FotG Artist Spotlight ~ Cherry Royale

“Funk is about the chemistry between not only the people playing the music, but the people listening as well… Once you feel that chemistry, it’s absolutely undeniable. You can’t react against it.”

From Atlanta by way of Oaktown, we first heard about these guys through an endorsement from Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band. Neither of them could make DMF this year, but this will be a better fit for a giant dance party anyway. Damn, it’s gonna be so fun.


FotG Artist Spotlight ~ Rita Hosking

Official Website ~ Rita Hosking via Wikipedia

February 2013, Rita released her 5th lp, Little Boat and has since been touring in support of it at various festivals and cities throughout the country. Little Boat has been very well received and has appeared in the Top 10 Folk DJ lists since released. Rita hails from Davis, CA and is considered one of the best talents to emerge from the area.

She’ll be performing on September 5th at Odd Fellows Hall for their monthly free shows, Thursday Live! (Donations encouraged)

Rita Hosking & Cousin Jack were part of the 1st Annual Davis Music Fest and we’re thrilled for her return to Festival on the Green!



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