Since the first Davis Music Fest in 2011, proceeds from our event have been donated to support arts and music education in Davis public schools. This year, we want to see what kind of stars our donations are creating, so for the first time in DMF history, we are reserving a performance slot for a local youth artist or band, to be determined through friendly competition!


* 45 minute live set at Davis Music Fest, Saturday, June 22, 2019
* One full festival pass per performer plus hospitality access
* Media promotion as the winner of the 2019 DMF Youth Band Contest
* Your band’s name on DMF9 promotional materials and merchandise
* Monetary compensation


Solo artists and bands are invited to enter now through midnight, April 30th. Your band must have at least one member who is currently a student in good standing at a DJUSD school. Your band must be available and able to play on Saturday, June 22, at 2:00pm.


Send a message to info@davismusicfest.com containing a media file (.mp3, .mov, etc … ) or a link to online media (youtube, facebook, vimeo, your website) featuring at least one full song that you think best represents what the audience will see if you perform at DMF. The DMF crew will confirm receipt of your email, so if you don’t hear back try again. We will watch or listen to your entry and judge it against all other entries received. The winner will be notified and announced on or around May 15th.

If you have questions not answered here, email info@davismusicfest.com

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